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Plenary Invited Speakers

Opening keynote talk

( Wednesday, 22 May, 19.00-20.00 )

Circadian clock control of immune function,
by Andrew Loudon ( University of Manchester, Manchester, UK )

Multifocus plenary session

( Friday, 24 May, 14.00-16.40 )

Circadian rhythms in heart repair
by Linda van Laake (University of Utrecht, the Netherlands)

Seasonal variation in plasmatic lipid variables: Implications in diagnosis?
by Trinitat Cambras (Universitat de Barcelona, Spain)

Circadian regulation in cancer
by Angela Relógio (Institute for Theoretical Biology-ITB, Germany)

Closing keynote talk

( Friday, 24 May, 16.45-17.10 )

Dialogues between Science and Society: Fighting Fear and Falsities, by Alexandre Quintanilha (I3S, University of Porto and Portuguese Parliament)


Symposium Invited Speakers