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Scientific Committee

Armando Carvalho

Faculty of Medicine/University of Coimbra, Portugal

Ernesto Costa

Department of Informatics Engineering/University of Coimbra, Portugal

Robin Dullaart

University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Constanza Emanueli

Faculty of Medicine, National Heart & Lung Institute/ Imperial College London, UK

Joana Espírito Santo

Hospital and University Center of Coimbra (CHUC)/University of Coimbra, Portugal

Lino Ferreira

CNC/ University of Coimbra,  Portugal

Alex Freitas

School of Computing /University of Kent, UK

Luca Liberale

UZH-Center for Molecular Cardiology/ University of Zurich,  Switzerland

Paula Macedo

New University of Lisbon (NOVA)/  Chronic Diseases Research Centre (CEDOC), Lisbon, Portugal

João Malva

Faculty of Medicine /University of Coimbra, Portugal

Giovanni Mann

Cardiovascular Division/ King's College London, UK

Fabrizio Montecucco

Department of Internal Medicine/ University of Genova,  Italy

Pedro Monteiro

Hospital and University Center of Coimbra (CHUC)/University of Coimbra, Portugal

Paula Moreira

Faculty of Medicine/University of Coimbra, Portugal

Hendrik Nathoe

University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands

Catarina Oliveira

CNC/ University of Coimbra, Portugal

Jorge Oliveira

FFUP/University of Porto, Portugal

Paulo J. Oliveira

CNC/University of Coimbra, Portugal

Carlos Palmeira

CNC/University of Coimbra, Portugal

Francisco Pereira

Centre for Informatics and Systems, University of Coimbra/ Higher Institute of Engineering of Coimbra (ISEC), Portugal

George Perry

Department of Biology/University of Texas at Sao Antonio, USA

Piero Portincasa

Department of Biomedical Sciences & Human Oncology /University 'Aldo Moro' of Bari Medical School, Italy

Jakub Regieli

Department of Cardiology/UMC Utrecht,  The Netherlands

Albert Rizvanov

Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology, Kazan, Russia

Armindo Salvador

CNC/ University of Coimbra, Portugal

Oliver Soehnlein

Medical University Munich, Germany

José Viña

Age and Exercise Research Group/University of Valencia, Spain

Mariusz Wieckowski

Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology (NENCKI), Warsaw, Poland

Alexandre Tiedtke Quintanilha

Born in Lourenço Marques (Maputo) Mozambique.

Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics (1972) Witwatersrand University, Johannesburg.  Next two decades at U.C. Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory as professor of cell physiology and biophysics and director of a Center for Environmental Studies.  Moved to Biomedical Faculty, University of Porto as professor of biophysics and science Dean. Was, until 2010, director of both the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology and the Institute of Biomedical Engineering and chaired committee to form consortium of the three major biomedical institutions in Porto (i3S).  A member of several international Academies, chaired committees at ESF, EC, OECD and other national and international research organizations. Chaired the Council of Associate Laboratories of the Ministry of Science and is President of the Ethics Committee for Clinical Research in Portugal. Has published extensively and has always been involved in science policy. Current interests in mental and public health, biological stress, risk perception and public understanding of science. Since 2015, Chair of the Parliamentary Commission on Education and Science.

November 2018